Water and Sanitation

WaterAid Project 2019

SocietyAid Ghana seeks to provide rural communities and schools with portable, accessible clean and safe water to improve rural health. Given the foregoing, the need for provision of clean portable accessible water is paramount and acute. The concept of the project has been discussed and approved by the Board authorities in the town and a piece of land has been designated by community heads to position the water storage facility. The proposed project seeks to provide a water storage facility (Polytank) to overhead storage and distribute it to the surrounding communities. This project will therefore have the function of installation of water storage facility to provide clean and safe water for the community thereby enhancing the quality of life and decreasing the water borne disease burden on rural individuals. In 2019, we target to install 5 water storage facilities in 10 communities of Awutu Senya district including Awutu Bawjiase, Okwampa, Penim, Akufful Krodua, Adawukwao, Babianiha, Obrachire, Bontrase, Breku and Ayensuako. In collaboration with other organizations, volunteers groups, Individuals, Religious groups and social groups we shall achieve the target for the year.      contact us by sending us an email on societyaid.gh@societyaid.org or fill the contact form below.