You can sponsor a child and empower them to overcome the daily reality of extreme poverty.  Your sponsorship will provide
SocietyAid Ghana always feels happy to welcome volunteers at its home. The organization’s volunteers work for no salary and they
Who is SocietyAid? SocietyAid Ghana envisions to become a global women and girls advocacy and training centre aimed at empowering
Values and Principles All initiatives and engagements of the Organization are guided by the following values and principles: The highest
Every child has the right to feel safe, both at home and at school. SocietyAid Ghana is committed to protecting
School Support Programme Enabling bright students from under priviledged backgrounds to enroll in school, stay on to complete the school
Opportunities For Adolescent Mothers Teenage pregnancy is a major cause of girls dropping out of school. SAID’s advocacy has resulted
HIV/AIDS Programme HIV/AIDS has a negative impact on girls’ enrollment and participation in school. More girls than boys are affected
Vocational Education and Training In order to address the challenges related to girls’ education in post-conflict situations, we have initiated
Culture-bound constraints to girls’ education still abound especially among rural and poor populations. These include early marriage, sexual harassment, excessive