Directors and Management have announced the project for the year. It was discussed and resolved at the last annual meeting
SocietyAid solicits financial support from other organizations that share same vision with us for programs implementation hence we are not
SAID currently works in Rural Communities of Awutu Senya District in the Central Region of Ghana. Office location: Adjacent Church
SocietyAid Ghana, during its advocacy and empowerment programs in rural communities, 24 young girls were enrolled in apprenticeship under the
SocietyAid Ghana beneficiaries under Apprenticeship graduate when they acquire the required skills within a time frame to start their own
You can sponsor a child and empower them to overcome the daily reality of extreme poverty.  Your sponsorship will provide
SocietyAid Ghana always feels happy to welcome volunteers at its home. The organization’s volunteers work for no salary and they
Who is SocietyAid? SocietyAid Ghana envisions to become a global women and girls advocacy and training centre aimed at empowering
Values and Principles All initiatives and engagements of the Organization are guided by the following values and principles: The highest
Every child has the right to feel safe, both at home and at school. SocietyAid Ghana is committed to protecting