Equal Opportunities
When girls, boys, women and men are motivated and empowered with skills they need for working life, they thrive. They can support themselves, their families and communities. However, one-third of the world’s 1.8 billion young people are currently neither in employment, education or training. Of the 1 billion more youth that will enter the job market in the next decade, only 40% are expected to be able to get jobs that currently exist. The global economy will need to create 600 million jobs over the next 10 years to keep pace with projected youth employment rates. It’s clear that youth unemployment is an urgent and complex challenge affecting society, the economy and governance globally. To address these critical issues, SocietyAid Ghana shall be working in partnership with, government agencies, volunteer groups, philanthropists, media groups, individuals, local and international organizations as well as development organizations to increase and improve young people’s access to financial literacy and entrepreneurship and employment skills training.