About Us
SocietyAid Ghana is a registered organization currently operating in Awutu Senya District in the Central Region of Ghana. We operate according the rules or regulations set by the Registrar General Department and the Department of Social Welfare with the aim of empowering women, girls and children in rural communities. In working to end child marriage and promote women entrepreneurship, we believe that social change cannot succeed without community engagement. SocietyAid will work together to enhance and strengthens effort to promote women in business as well as to end child marriage at the local and national levels. Specifically, SocietyAid Ghana aims to: 1. Raise awareness of the harmful impart of child marriage by encouraging open, inclusive and informed discussion at the local and national level; 2. Mobilize all necessary policy, financial and other support to end child marriage, domestic violence against women and girls and gender unfairness 3. To aid young women (inclusive of the disabled) acquire entrepreneurship and build them up for business 4. We will be more effective in achieving our objectives by working together with partners than working alone. Objectives SocietyAid is working towards achieving the following objectives for the benefit of its target groups (Women, girls and children). 1. To assist young women acquire entrepreneurship skills and build them up for business 2. To establish four training centres to develop women in entrepreneurial skills by 2028. 3. To protect the fundamental human rights of women, girls and children. 4. To speak against values and practices that promote child marriage and gender based violence 5. To co-operate and assist in suitable joint venture with governmental organizations and agencies seeking the goal of redressing poverty and improving women entrepreneurship. 6. To promote the advocacy of gender fairness and women empowerment (the global agenda) 7. To promote Rural water and Sanitation 8. To promote girls education and women in leadership Mission. SAID exists to train and invest in the lives of young women, girls and children as well as widows and orphans living in deprived communities and providing quality educational resources and other social services to enable them become fully functional members of their communities. Vision SAID envisions to become a global women and girls advocacy and training centre aimed at empowering vulnerable young women and girls to have equal opportunities. CORE VALUES SocietyAid Ghana adheres to these core values religiously. 1. Integrity 2. Excellence 3. Honesty and Transparency 4. Mutual Respect 5. Solidarity with the poor, powerless and rejected 6. Courage of conviction 7. Equity and Justice 8. Dignity   For further inquiry, fill the form below