Sponsor a child
Sponsor a child
You can sponsor a child and empower them to overcome the daily reality of extreme poverty.  Your sponsorship will provide a child with the fees, books and uniforms they need to go to school. By becoming a child sponsor, you’ll also give a vulnerable child the protection. SocietyAid children are given the opportunity to escape poverty and bring change to their families and communities.


You can begin your child sponsorship journey today. On our website, we have details of children from Ghana who are waiting for sponsors. Whether you want to sponsor a child in Ghana, you’ll empower a child born into extreme poverty and bring them hope for the future. If you’re looking to sponsor a girl, your sponsorship will empower her to stay in the classroom and  provide menstrual health care and help guard her against child marriage, child labour and FGM. Alternatively, you may want to sponsor a child in Ghana and give a Ghanaian child in need vital stability and security. As this friendship quote states, sponsoring a child is a way of beginning a friendship that will transform your life and theirs for the better


There is no fix cost for sponsoring a child but any amount you can afford to sponsor a child directly. Our child sponsorship model means the child you sponsor directly receives the benefit of your monthly or one time donations. Through your donations, letters and words of encouragements, you’ll have a direct impact on a child born into extreme poverty.

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